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Hire a Flex-Time Attorney quarterly, part time or full time and only pay for the hours your law firm needs.

De Novo Review connects law firms with talented legal professionals for interim assignments and manages the assignments from start to finish. Interim assignments generally arise during skills gaps, workload overflow, or challenging hiring environments.

Law Firms look to De Novo Review to augment their team, outsource complex or lengthy legal research and writing, or create an on demand taskforce with subject matter knowledge not contained in house. Working with De Novo Review attorneys allows a Law Firm to keep work in house without the need for more office space or going through the hiring and training process. Our team of pre-vetted, experienced attorneys work remotely through a secure client portal but are also available for in office visits and court appearances.

When you work with De Novo Review, we will first evaluate your law firm’s needs and staff each project with the right attorney for the task. Our team of attorneys are typically former judicial clerks or biglaw associates with ample legal research and writing experience. The work produced by our team is ready to file work.

We take care of ensuring our attorneys are trained, qualified, and well-prepared to handle the high-quality work you need them to complete. We help you select and create the best flex-time attorney team, craft a custom solution for your company, and deliver high-quality, low-cost in-house legal support for whatever your case or needs may be. Our flex-time attorneys can work remotely or in-house, depending on what you would prefer.

The benefits of hiring from us are plentiful. Because flex-time attorneys work based on the hours you preselect, you have the ability to predict and control costs. Hiring flex-time attorneys allows you to complete work without committing to a full-time attorney if your legal department has overflow work. They could also manage projects for you and you are in control of the deadlines while we take care of quality and accountability. A flex-time attorney would also be a proper solution to fill the void of an employee on a leave of absence. Flex-time attorneys help your legal department meet deadlines that are challenging when you are behind schedule. They will provide high-quality work at an affordable rate with increased productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

We at De Novo Review can provide you support in the legal areas of corporate, commercial, employment, class actions, mass tort, property insurance, litigation, appellate, and securities. We specialize in:

  • Legal business process reengineering
  • Contracts negotiations and management
  • Litigation management
  • Legal content authoring and editing


De Novo Review provides the flexibility you need for staffing temporary attorneys. By hiring a flex-time attorney quarterly, part-time, or full-time through De Novo Review, you only pay for the hours your legal department needs. You will get the high-quality help you are searching for in an attorney when you need it, in the exact amount you need, and at less than half the cost of traditional law firm rates.

De Novo Review gives you the option to choose from a number of Flex-Time Plans to meet the needs of your particular situation, be it quarterly, part-time, or full-time. The three plans range from monthly time blocks, specific times, and whole periods. We let you choose so that you get the ideal level of employment. It is totally customizable to your firm and your predicament. We cater to you and your legal department.

Here’s what our experienced team will do for you:

Hire a Flex-Time Attorney to work in-house or remotely for a custom solution to your law firm’s interim needs.

So, what are the benefits of flex-time attorneys?

Control And Reduce Costs

Because Flex-Time Attorneys work for your legal department based on the hours or days you preselect, you have the ability to predict costs and afford the legal help you need at a more affordable costs.

Manage Growth

Overflow work may be an indication of a need for an additional full time attorney or simply a temporary influx. With Flex-Time Attorneys you are able to complete the work without committing to a full time attorney.

Solve Employee Temporary Leave of Absence

When a Full Time Employee requires a leave of absence for maternity or other causes, the legal department will still need to operate and human resources will be left with figuring out a solution. With Flex-Time Attorneys you are able to fill that gap without committing to a full time attorney.

Meet Deadlines When You Are Behind Schedule.

Our Flex-Time attorneys will meet your deadlines, providing high-quality work product at an affordable rate. You will have an increase in productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency by being able to select one or a group of our skilled attorneys when a large matter comes along.

Fulfill Special Project Needs.

You can scale up your practice and resolve a skills gap in minutes by working with one of our attorneys. With us you will save yourself the time involved in the tedious process of sourcing, pre-vetting, hiring and managing a new attorney.

Our highly skilled legal team provides in-house counsel specific knowledge in these legal areas:

  • Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Mass Tort
  • Class Actions
  • Property Insurance
  • Employment
  • Patents
  • Appellate
  • Securities

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We provide a customized approach to help your firm handle constantly changing workloads and staffing needs. This includes managed review, legal project management and research services.

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